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Air Conditioning

On a hot summer day, it is only comforting to turn on the air conditioning system of the car. But its maintenance is often neglected in front of the engine, exhaust, brakes, and other components of the vehicle. A problem when persisting for long makes the matter worse. The same is the case with the air conditioners. Therefore, our experts, at BR Car Care Centre, invite the drivers' community to get the Air conditioners Repair Birmingham done in our garage.

One of the most essential components to provide high levels of comfort on the road, air conditioners suffers a lot of ignorance. Hence, over time, they develop numerous faults and issues.

To help you with the problems that the air conditioners face, we have listed some of them below:

1. Broken Compressor: The compressor is responsible for compressing the hot vaporised refrigerant. This, in turn, maintains the flow of the refrigerant and helps it reach the evaporator coil. The heat is removed from the refrigerant, and the fluid is sent back in the system. If the compressor fails, no efficient heat dissipation will take place. The end result will be hot air blown back into the cabin.

2. Faulty Condenser: As the name suggests, condenser condenses the vaporised refrigerant into its liquid state. Thereafter, the liquid is sent back into the system, and another cycle of cooling is continued. The result of a failing condenser is the same as that of a broken condenser. Hot air is blown into the cabin.

3. Low refrigerant level: It is often seen that the refrigerant present in the air conditioner leaks out of it due to a malfunctioning lining. Without an optimum amount of gas present in the system, both, condenser and compressor will get degraded. Therefore, it is always recommended to maintain optimum refrigerant levels.

Most of the time, an air conditioner is in need of re-gas, and it is quite cheap in comparison to other repairs. But if the problems seep in deeper to the components of the air conditioner, then knowing the right place to get them fixed becomes crucial. This is why we, at BR Car Care Centre, advise our customers to maintain a habit of regular maintenance of the air conditioners.

If you are in a fix where it is hard to decipher the main reason for the hot air out of the AC vent, make sure to drive your car to us. We have a team of experts that can help you with the air conditioning repairs Birmingham of your vehicle. To know more, don’t forget to give us a call. Our experts are always here to help you.

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