Alloy Wheels Repair

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Alloy wheels are perfect for augmenting the elegant charm of a car. However, even a slight scar on these exquisite alloy wheels can bruise the appearance of your vehicle. So, it’s quite easy to imagine how much damage can a near-broken set of alloy wheels can bring to the overall grace of a car. This also goes without saying that a crippled set of wheels can effectively compromise your on-road security.

So, what’s the solution? Simply opt for alloy wheel repair Birmingham service hosted by BR Car Care Centre. To rejuvenate the original charm of your alloy wheels, you will require assistance from seasoned technicians that hold practical knowledge and experience pertaining to the repair of alloy wheels. That’s exactly what our garage has to offer. 

Do we sense scepticism? Well, allow us to get you familiarized with our service design 

How is Alloy Wheel Repair Performed?

At BR Car Care, we are more aligned towards undertaking a methodical approach with our repair procedure. Cleaning and washing the injured alloy wheels is our and foremost step. This makes the damaged areas more visible and is effective in washing off any dirt present on the wheels. In the next step, we appropriately cover the tyre region which is helpful in keeping it isolated and safe from the repair process. The process continues on with the expert technicians smoothing the wheel surface through the use of a mechanical sander. Next, any nicks or cracks are addressed and are healed via filler. After this, the wheels are sanded again to smoothen the surface and harmonize the repairs. 

With this, the procedure reaches its conclusion with the technicians applying the primer and colour to your alloy wheels. The paint is blended according to the theme of the wheels which helps it retain its original look. 

Why Us?

Time to address the most important question of all - why go for BR Car Care Centre? Well, we can give you some convincing reasons that can persuade you to go with us -

League of Professionals

At BR Car Care Centre, we have a cast of seasoned technicians and experts that are well-versed with the domain of automobiles. We have designated our crew as per their area of expertise which means we have different teams of professionals to entertain the specific demands of our customers. 

Cost-Effective Price Structure

Rest assured, you will get your money’s worth. We don’t function on the idea of an unfair pricing policy. You pay only for what you ask. Also, the price structure of our products and services focuses on feasibility. Our pricing policy is designed in such a manner that suits the budget of our customers.

Inclination Towards Customer Satisfaction

More than anything, we respect the demands and requirements of our customers. We don’t believe a job is done until it aligns perfectly with the expectations of the customer. For us, customer satisfaction is our top priority and we abide by our priorities. 

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