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Vehicle maintenance is a vital procedure to ensure an adequate and proper functioning of your car. A majority of car owners spend lots of money on maintaining their engine, clutch, tyres and a variety of other components. However, other than these components, you should never forget about another important element of your car, i.e. brakes. Consider them your saviour on the road because you can never achieve a safe driving experience unless you have an efficient braking system.

The braking system in our cars is comprised of two major components – brake discs and rotors. Both of them work in coordination with each other to help you achieve optimised braking performances in your car. The brake discs work to regulate the high-temperatures in your braking system and act as an absorber. Whereas, brake rotors work with the discs to help you achieve precision and accuracy while applying the brakes.

However, with time, your brakes may start to malfunction and lead you to significant problems. That’s when, we, BR Car Care Centre comes into action. Our mechanics are trained to tune your car’s brakes Birmingham back to their shape in no time. Nevertheless, being a responsible vehicle owner, you need to acquaint yourself with the concept of brake repair.

What is brake repair?

A brake repair or brake repair service is an efficient maintenance and service procedure that is performed at auto-garages. In general, the process involves replacing your car’s brake pads and discs with new and efficient discs. This process works to ensure an adequate flow of braking and gripping throughout your car’s suspension system.

Moreover, if you choose us, BR Car Care Centre to help you, we promise a fast and reliable brake repair service by our highly trained experts who not only advise you but also assist you with your car’s braking problems.

Nevertheless, you should never ignore the root cause of your problems. Therefore, we invite you to know about the problems that cause your car’s brake to malfunction.

Reasons for improper functioning of your car’s brakes

Driving on rough roads: Driving on rough roads is not at all easy. Neither for you nor for your brakes. This is because your brake pads and discs have a lot of gap in between them. This gap makes room for any dust or gravel present on the road to get stuck inside it. This leads your brake pads to lose friction and cause major issues as well.

Worn out discs: Your brake discs are likely to wear out over time. A damaged brake disc will not be able to regulate the heating in your braking system and, in turn, increase your braking distances. In worst-case scenarios, a damaged brake disc can also lead to complete brake failure as well. 

Overheating: The main job of your brake disc is to regulate the heating in your brake pads. However, if they are not able to perform well, it can be catastrophic for you as your brake pads will get heated up and become hard on press as well. 

Now that you are aware of the reasons that lead your brakes to malfunction, you should learn about the after-effects of driving a car with improper brakes.

After-effects of driving a car with improper brakes

  • A huge safety risk as brakes helps your car to stop in emergencies.
  • A contributing factor for your car to fail the MOT test.
  • Increased fuel consumption as the engine takes more stress.
  • Disturbing and grinding noises from the pads and discs.

A feasible solution to your brake-related issues

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