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Almost every car owner desires to drive a smooth and efficient vehicle. In order to ensure this efficiency, a lot of people spend handsome amounts on car repair and servicing. As you must know, car repair is a vital part of ensuring long life for your cars and SUVs. Being a car owner, you must be already aware of some basic car repair procedures such as exhaust repair, AC recharge and brake repair. However, a lot of people forget one basic repair procedure, i.e. cambelt replacement.

There is a fair chance that you are unaware about this procedure but in reality, it is quite an essential factor that ensures smooth and proper functioning of your car.

What is Cambelt Replacement?

In simple terms, Cambelt Birmingham replacement is changing the timing belt present in your engine that regulates the movement of crankshaft and camshaft. These two shafts are present inside your engine that converts the reciprocation motion of your engine’s pistons into rotatory motion. Without the support of pistons and a cambelt, your engine is most likely to fail and cause severe damage to your engine as well.

We, at BR Car Care Centre, host a highly-skilled team that is trained to replace your engine’s cambelt and tune your engine to its best potential.

Nevertheless, knowing just about cambelt and its replacement is not enough. If you don’t want to lose your car in the hands of severe engine damage, you need to know what causes your cambelt to be broken.

Why did my engine’s cambelt break?

Shaft misalignment: Just like your wheels lose their alignment after certain conditions or time, the crankshaft and camshaft present in your engine can also be misaligned because of uneven and excessive tooth wear on the belt. Such a misalignment happens because of not following a routine maintenance schedule.

Heavy Load: Another significant reason for your engine’s cambelt to fail or break is a heavy load on the engine. If your car’s engine takes excessive load, it can cause the teeth of cambelt to break themselves. Although, redesigning the belt is a potential cure but it will cost you even more money than replacing your engine’s cambelt.

Worn-out belt teeth: Damaged or worn-out teeth are a significant reason for your cambelt to lose its long life and eventually break. This is happened because of any wearing condition on the outside diameter of the timing belt. In short, with time, your cambelt and its teeth start to wear out. 

Now that you have a basic understanding about the factors that cause your cambelt to break, you should not ignore its after-effects and dangers.

Dangers of driving a car with a broken cambelt

  • Huge risk of engine failure and car stopping in between the road.
  • A breach to other components of the engine causing you expensive repairs.
  • A contributing factor to lead your car to accident as it can cause your car to lose balance.

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Replacing your engine’s cambelt is not a very difficult task. We, at BR Car Care Centre will help you with every cambelt related problem and replace it in a few minutes. Just enquire by emailing to us at Our garage is open for services from Monday to Friday between 08:00am to 06:00pm and 09:00am to 06:00pm on Saturdays.

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