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Your vehicle is comprised of various components that work together to ensure a luxurious and safe experience for you. While the engine works to convert energies and make your car move forward, the purpose of brakes is to help you stop and save yourself from accidents. However, we should never forget another important element of our car, i.e. clutch. A clutch is a part of our car’s transmission system that helps you to change gears and shift transmissions.

Nevertheless, as you know, your car’s clutch is also a machine and need frequent repairs. That’s when, we, BR Car Care Centre comes into the picture. Our experts go through rigorous training to provide you with efficient and reliable services.

If by any chance, you are new to the world of automobiles, allow us to make you aware of our clutch repair service.

What is a clutch repair service?

A clutch repair service is just like any other car repair service. Its main objective is to repair your degrading clutch system. Generally, this service is performed at our auto-garage by our expert mechanics. The process is performed on your vehicle’s flywheel, pressure plate and bearing. These are the three components that help your clutch to work in coordination with the crankshaft and, in turn, helps you to change gear.

We, at BR Car Care Centre, are committed to excellence and strive to satisfy our customers to their best potential. Therefore, if you face any problems with changing your gear or are facing delayed responses, we are always here to help you.

Nevertheless, being a car-owner, you should never ignore the issue that leads your clutch Birmingham to degrade in the first place.

Reasons for your car’s clutch to degrade

Inadequate friction: Just like your brake rotors need friction to facilitate efficiency, your clutch system is no different. In case, your pressure plate and flywheel have an inadequate friction, you are most likely to lose your gear. This inadequate friction also causes your gear system to fail as well.

Improper pressure plate: Your clutch’s pressure plate is a vital component that coordinates the movement of your suspension system with your clutch. If by any chance, you feel difficulty in shifting the gear, despite suppressing the pedal, your pressure plate needs to be immediately replaced.

Linkage issue: If you feel that your clutch pedal is soft and is troubling you to shift gears, it is mainly because of a linking issue between the plates and hydraulics. In such scenarios, your hydraulics need to lose air, in order to restore optimum functioning in your clutch.

Now that you are aware of the reasons that lead your clutch to degrade, you must acquaint yourself with the effects of ignoring a clutch repair.

Dangers of driving a car with an improper clutch

  • Increased risk for an engine blowout.
  • Contributing aspect to make your car fail its MOT.
  • Reduces your car’s life as the damage tends to get spread to other components as well.

An efficient solution for your clutch-related issues

In case, you are looking for an efficient solution for your car’s clutch problems, give our mechanics, at BR Car Care Centre, a chance to tune your vehicle, and it’s clutch to its best shape. All you need to do is, book an appointment by emailing to us, at

We are ready to serve you from Monday to Saturday, between 08:00am to 06:00pm, and 09:00 am to 06:00 pm on Saturdays. We do not work on Sundays.

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