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Car servicing is a vital part of maintaining an efficient and durable car. If you too are someone who loves their vehicle, you must be already aware of some essential car maintenanceprocedures like engine repair, tyre maintenance, suspension and brake repair, etc. However, a lot of car-enthusiasts often overlook an important element of their vehicle, i.e. exhaust system. The exhaust system present in your car works very hard to remove any poisonous and harmful gases from your car’s system. However, being a machine, it also requires care and routine repairs.

We, at BR Car Care Centre host a wonderful team of mechanics that are trained to repair your vehicle's exhaust emission system in just a few minutes.

If by any chance, you don’t have much idea about the emission systems of your car and how do they get damaged, you should learn about our exhaust repair service.

What is an exhaust repair service?

An exhaust repair service is a car maintenance and repair procedure to ensure a smooth outlet of gases from your car into the atmosphere. The exhaust emission system comprises of three main components- muffler, catalytic converter and manifold gasket. While muffler and catalytic converter work in coordination to convert the harmful and poisonous gases into environment-friendly substitutes, the main job of the gasket is to channel the toxic gases from the cylinder. Once the converter and muffler do their job, the gasket releases the gases into the atmosphere via tailpipe of your car.

However, with time and certain conditions, the exhaust Birmingham system in your car starts to malfunction and cause significant problems as well. If you want to acquaint yourself with the reasons that lead to the degradation of your exhaust system, allow us to help you in answering your queries. 

Reasons that lead to degradation of your car’s exhaust system

Failing manifold gasket: A major reason for your vehicle’s exhausts system to lose its capabilities is a failing manifold gasket. As mentioned above, your car’s manifold gasket work to channelise all the harmful gases and throw them out of the tailpipe. However, if your manifold gasket gets broken or damaged because of sudden impact and load, your tailpipe will start emitting black smoke. 

Irregular maintenance: All of your car’s components, be it brakes or be it exhaust, all of them need a proper maintenance procedure. If your manifold and muffler are not appropriately maintained, it can lead them to produce strange sounds and, in turn, fail your exhaust system as well.

Improper driving: Driving on potholes, uneven surfaces and trenches affect both your tyres as well as the exhaust system. This is because driving over these rough area causes irregular and sudden impacts in your car’s system. Therefore, it leads to distortment of your car’s exhaust, especially the muffler.

Now that you are aware of the reasons that lead to the degradation of your exhaust system, it’s time, you learn about the dangers of driving a car with an improper exhaust system.

Dangers of driving a car with an improper exhaust system

  • Reduced fuel-economy if any exhaust leak takes place near the engine
  • Risk of spreading the damage to other parts of the car
  • Loud and unpleasant noises from the car
  • A potential reason for failing the MOT test.

A simple solution for all your exhaust related issues

In order to tackle your car’s exhaust related problems, all you need is an effective and reliable auto-garage that you can count on. That’s when, we, BR Car Care Centre come into action. You can always count on us for solving your vehicle’s issues in the best prices.

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