MOT Repairs


One of the most feared tests in the automotive sector, MOT, is essential to prove the roadworthiness of a car. Ministry of transport or simply the MOT test is conducted annually to check that all the crucial components are in good health and working correctly. We, BR Car Care Centre, is an authorised garage to conduct this test. We make sure that a vehicle is examined in compliance with the laws and regulations laid by the government of the UK. We would like to tell our customers that we provide genuine tests and denounce any rigged examination.

What is the MOT Test?

As to prevent accidents happening on the roads of the UK due to easily maintainable parts, the government came up with an annual test known as MOT. It is mandatory for every vehicle to pass this test annually after the completion of its three years of purchase. The test focusses on the condition of the easily maintainable parts to make a car roadworthy. The components that are checked in this test are essential to enhance the safety and comfort of a vehicle. Some of them are headlights, brakes, exhaust, windscreen, and wipers, etc.

What is the MOT repairs? 

When a car fails the test first time, it will be given a certificate clearly indicating the reasons for failure. The parts that are responsible for the failure of this test have to be repaired as soon as possible. This fixing of the issues is called MOT repairs. Once the parts are repaired, the motorist will again have to take the test for a pass certificate.

Why Us? 

As mentioned, our team of experts doesn’t perform any rigged test for concealed profits. The tests conducted at our garage are hundred per cent genuine. The expert will make use of the most accurate machines available in the market for the inspection. Over the years, they have gathered skills to impart error-free results. In case your vehicle fails the test, you don’t have to take it to a repair centre. We, at BR Car Care Centre, offer all kinds of MOT repairs Birmingham. You just have to drive your vehicle to us, and we will ensure that you only leave with a pass certificate.

To know more, don’t forget to give us a call. You can also book an online appointment for your test and ensure to be the first one in the queue. Our experts at our garage are here to help you on Mondays to Fridays in between 8 AM to 6 PM and on Saturdays between 9 AM to 6 PM. If you want to give us any feedback, write to us at We would love to hear from you.

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