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Buying a new set of tyres can be a challenging task, especially if you are purchasing them for the first time. Moreover, the struggle takes one step ahead if you own more than one vehicle. The tyre industry manufactures different tyres in accordance with your budget. These tyres are- premium tyres for expensive and high-performance vehicle, mid-range tyres for SUV and passenger cars that perform decently on roads in a suitable budget. Other than these two categories, the tyre industry also provides a selection of budget tyres that are a lot cheaper than premium tyres and provides above-average performance. Nevertheless, if you want to dig even deeper and seek a more affordable option than budget tyres, you should focus on buying part-worn tyres.

In case, you want a reliable garage that can provide you with a decent collection of part worn tyres, you can trust us, BR Car Care Centre, as we are known among the people of Birmingham to supply tested part worn tyres that ensure your safety on the road.

If you are looking to know even more about the concept of part worn tyres Birmingham and why buying them is a suitable option, you should look down and below and see for yourself.

What are part worn tyres and why should you buy them?

As the name suggests, part worn tyres are second-hand tyres that have already been used by its first owner. These tyres come cheaper than the budget tyre segment and provide decent performance for your second vehicle. Moreover, it also helps to increase the annual mileage of your second car that is not driven much.

In general, these tyres come ideal when you need to drive on highways or smooth roads as they require minimal support from the tread to deliver you effective performance. Our garage, BR Car Care Centre, is known to maintain a collection of part worn tyres Birmingham that are tested within the legal regulations of tyre safety criteria.

If you are looking to know some more perks of buying part worn tyres, allow us to acquaint you with them.

Some brilliant perks of buying part worn tyres for your car

Cheaper than conventional tyres: As mentioned above, part worn tyres come way less expensive than premium tyres. Therefore, you can use that extra money on buying equipment for your car or spend it on modifying your vehicles.

Premium features in cheap prices: Although part worn tyres have been used before by its owner, it can still deliver effective performance if it is manufactured from a premium tyre maker like Pirelli, Bridgestone, Michelin or Dunlop.

Eco-Friendly: Buying a set of part worn tyres is a good way of contributing to nature. This is because it saves them from getting destroyed and prevent any waste that gets released in the atmosphere. 

If you want to buy these part worn tyres online, try our home delivery service and get your favourite tyre delivered at home. All you need to do is follow some steps, and we’ll be there to help you.

Steps to get your favourite tyre delivered at home

  • Input your tyre’s size or vehicle license no in our tyre finder software.
  • Process your chosen tyre to the cart
  • Enter your delivery information like name, contact no and address
  • Complete the payment procedure and witness our delivery services.

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