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interim service
  1. Top Up All Fluid Levels inc. Battery (if possible)
  2. Check Drive Belts
  3. Check Fuel System and Pipes
  4. Check Cooling System
  5. Check Wheel Bearing
  6. Check Suspension Joints/Bushes/Mountings
  7. Check Steering Joints/Bushes/Mountings/Gaiters
  8. Check Drive Shafts and Gaiters
  9. Check Shock Absorbers/Coil Springs
  10. Check Flexible Brake Hoses
  11. Check Tyre Pressures
  12. Check Tyre Tread Depth
  13. Drain Engine Oil and Replace Filter
  14. Check Engine/Gearbox/Diff for Oil Leaks
  15. Check Exhaust System
  16. Check Brake and Fuel Lines
  17. Check Hand Brake Cables
  18. Check Underbody for Corrosion
  19. Refill with Engine Oil
  20. Check Spare Tyre for Damage/Depth & Presse
  21. Check Windscreen for Damage
  22. Check Washers and Wiper Blades
  23. Check Lighting and Lenses/Reverse Lights
  24. Check Seat Belt Operation
  25. Reset Service Light/Indicator (if fitted)
  26. Check Warning Lamp Indicators
  27. Check Radiator Cooling Fan Operation
  28. Road Test/Report any Faults Found
  29. Stamp Service Record Book (if available)
  30. Fit Service Reminder Sticker (optional) visual inspection of brakes of possible)

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