Pre-MOT Check


MOT is one of the most dreaded tests in whole of the UK. The main reason for this is the high rate of failure of this test. The cause of the failure is generally the negligence towards regular maintenance of the vehicle. If the car is serviced regularly, there will be no reason left to fear the MOT test. Another effective way of ensuring a pass certificate in MOT test is driving the vehicle to us, at BR Car Care Centre, for Pre-MOT check Birmingham. Our experts intensely scrutinise the car to make sure that it surely passes its next MOT test.

The technicians at our garage perform two kinds of pre-MOT checks when you drive to us. They will examine the vehicle internally as well as externally to look for any possible causes of MOT failure.

The components that are checked in our pre-MOT checks are as follows: 

Seat and seatbelts

As a part of our internal check, seats are much needed for the comfort of a driver. The seat should go back and front without hindrance. We also check the mechanism of belts and their integrity.

Brakes and handbrake

Brakes are crucial for the safe driving of a car. Any failure will result in a compromising situation on the roads. Therefore, our experts will check the car’s brakes for their effectiveness.

Headlights and indicators

The headlights are checked for their intensities. They are also checked for the functionality of low and high beam. Also, the indicators should work appropriately for the correct intentional depiction of a driver.

Wind shield and wipers

The wind shield is essential for a proper view of a driver. If the wind shield has a crack of more width than that is permissible by the MOT inspector, the vehicle will inevitably fail the test. We check the wind shield for its visibility and also make sure that the wipers fall in the correct place as well.


As per the regulations, the tread depths of tyres should always be 1.6mm or above. There should be no visible damages and defects on the surface of the tyres. Tyres should also be free of manufacturing defects.


Though neglected, horn is much needed on a busy highway. It is examined for the intensity and continuity of sound that is produced.

Warning lights

Modern computers installed in a car tells much about the internal faults of a vehicle. If the components are failing somewhere in a car, the warning lights will let the driver know about it. We will have a look at the fault that is causing the warning light to blink.

It is not everything! There is a lot more that is included in pre-MOT check Birmingham. To get your car examined, book an appointment with us, BR Car Care Centre today.

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