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puncture repair

Tyres are the lifeline of our vehicles. One can imagine driving a vehicle with insufficient fuel but driving without an improper set of tyres is not possible. A majority of people spend lots of money on buying expensive tyres from leading brands in the industry, in order to achieve maximum performance from their cars. However, your desire to achieve performance and standards from your car can get destroyed by a puncture. Imagine driving smoothly on a highway with your expensive tyres, and suddenly you hit a nail present on the road. In such scenarios, you must get a puncture repair service for your car, or the consequences can be severe.

We, at BR Car Care Centre, host a spectacular team of mechanics that provide the best puncture repair service in the UK. If by any chance, you are unaware of our services, allow us to acquaint you with our puncture repair service and why should you get it?

What is a puncture repair service?

As the name suggests, a puncture repair service works to repair any punctures or damages in your tyre’s tube. This procedure is carried out at auto-garages by trained mechanics. The service begins with removing your tyre from the wheel and inspecting the tube for any holes or damage. Our experts use a water spray to detect any bubbles that might occur in the area of damage. Once the damaged area has been identified, our mechanics work to remove any nail or any foreign substance that might be stuck in your tyre. After removing the debris from the tube, the damaged portion is sealed with a sealant, and the tube is reinflated.

However, in certain scenarios, the damaged portion is beyond repair. If any such situation occurs, you will be required to get a tyre replacement.

Now that you know about our puncture repair Birmingham services, it is crucial that you get familiar with the causes that lead your tyre to get punctured in the first place.

Significant reasons that lead your tyre to get punctured

Sharp objects on the road: A major reason for your tyre to get punctured is because of any foreign or sharp object present on the road. Substances like dust, debris, dirt or nails can get stuck inside your tyre’s tube when you drive over them and lead your tyre to damages.

Leakage in the tyre bead: Your tyres have a tiny bead that rests on the edge of the rim. In case, it incorporates any damages and starts to leak, your tyres will become more prone to air loss and may easily get punctured. 

Overinflated tyres: A lot of customers forget to comply with their tyre psi rating and, in turn, over-inflate their tyres. Such a situation can lead your tyres to punctures, damages and even blow-outs.

Nevertheless, being a responsible car owner, you should become aware of the dangers of driving on a flat or punctured tyre.

Dangers associated with driving on a punctured tyre

  • Risk of skidding and slipping on wet surfaces
  • Loss of vehicle control and bumping into other cars on the road
  • Potential factor to make you fail the MOT test
  • Expensive repairs and replacement if left untreated for a long time

A feasible solution- Our Garage

If you are looking for a feasible and affordable solution to your puncture-related issues, give us, at BR Car Care Centre, a chance to serve you. You can easily book your appointment with us. Just drop us an email to brcarcarebirmingham@gmail.com.

We operate from Monday to Friday, between 08:00am to 06:00pm, and 09:00am to 06:00pm on Saturdays.

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