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While tyre maintenance plays an essential role in maintaining your car’s response and performance, exhaust, engine, clutch and brakes are no less. All of these components work in coordination with each other to enhance both your driving experience and safety. However, a lot of people often forget to take their car for routine servicing. If you do not want to get stuck in the middle of the road with a failing engine or land yourself in catastrophes because of failing brakes, you must never forget to maintain your car to its best potential.

Our experts, at BR Car Care Centre, work very hard to tune up your vehicle and its components in no time. Whether it is an exhaust or a brake, our team covers it all for you. However, before taking a dip into the ocean of different servicing tyes, you need to know about the concept of car servicing.

What is car servicing?

As the name suggests, car servicing Birmingham is a vital process of owning and maintaining an effective car. Whether you own a hatchback, SUV or a premium sports car, all of them require frequent servicing as specified by the manufacturer. Car servicing not only enhances your vehicle's efficiency but also ensures its long life as well. In general, car servicing involves a lot of aspects, ranging from your engine’s inspection to your vehicle’s bodywork.

Our experts, at BR Car Care Centre, maintain a thorough checklist for servicing your car’s brakes, engine, clutch, suspension, seatbelt accuracy, windshield and tyres. Moreover, it also involves washing your car’s exterior and downside as well.

Nevertheless, the journey of car servicing does not end here. Almost all the auto-garages in the industry, including us, provides two types of services.

Types of car serving at our garage

Interim car service: The interim car service is so far the most common type of car service. Usually, this type of service involves inspecting about 35 key elements of your vehicle. Moreover, it also includes an oil and filter change as well. Some of the vital components inspected in an interim service are- Cambelt, brake pads, ABS, suspension. 

Full car service: A full car service is a loaded service package for your vehicle. It involves inspecting about 60-70 components in your car. The main components included are engine, gearbox mount, coolant recharge, throttle system and lots more. Usually, a full car service is ideal after you have covered more than 12,000 miles with your car. 

If by any chance, you neglect a proper servicing schedule for your vehicle, you’ll land yourself in the problems mentioned below.

A list of problems that come along maintaining a car with poor service record

  1. Reduced efficiency and increased fuel consumption that may lead you to incur additional expenses
  2. Huge risk of failing the MOT test as an improperly maintained car does no good for your safety on the road
  3. Decreases the car’s life expectancy by up to 10 years.

A friendly solution for getting the best car servicing in the UK

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