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Tyres are the driving force of your vehicle. Whether you own a premier hatchback or an expensive sports car, you cannot achieve desired results from it until and unless you fit it with a perfect set of tyres from a premium brand in the industry. As you must know, the tyre market is full of various brands and manufacturers like Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Bridgestone, and lots more. All of these brands manufacture tyres in the winter, summer and all-season category.

In case, you are a high-speed enthusiast, and seek stable performance from your car, you must focus on buying summer tyres for your car. We, at BR Car Care Centre, host a spectacular collection of summer tyres from different brands that are guaranteed to increase your safety and comfort on the road.

If by any chance, you are looking for some more information on the perks of buying summer tyres, feel free to look down below and acquaint yourself with its advantages.

What are summer tyres and why should I buy them?

Summer tyres belong to the seasonal category of tyre manufacturing industry that works to provide stable performances for your car on dry summer roads. Moreover, they come with a stone ejector groove design to facilitate a smooth driving on rough and uneven surfaces. Moreover, if your regular tyres fail to provide you with precision while cornering, you can trust summer tyres Birmingham to help enhance your car’s performance to a new level.

Our garage, BR Car Care Centre, sells only tested and certified summer tyres, so your safety never becomes a second priority.

Moreover, we have also mentioned some of our best summer tyres in the catalogue below, in order to help you make a more precise decision.

Some amazing summer tyres sold by our garage

Pirelli P Zero Corsa

P Zero Corsa by Pirelli is a modern-day invention in the summer tyre category. Other than providing modern perks and advantages, it also takes care of your budget as well. Moreover, it comes with a sporty race compound to help you achieve the next levels of traction and stability on dry summer roads.

However, if you are wondering about some precise features of this summer tyre, we are here to help you.

Some of the precise features of Pirelli P Zero Corsa

  • Customised tread compound to enable high-speed performance and stability
  • Lateral acceleration and short braking distance, all thanks to its continuous rib design
  • Dual tread compound for enabling optimum traction on dry roads.

If you are planning to buy these tyres from us, at BR Car Care Centre, give us a call or feel free to follow some steps and get your tyre delivered at home.

Steps to get your favourite tyre delivered to you

  • Type in your tyre’s size or car’s license no in our tyre finder tool
  • Add your desired product to the cart
  • Enter your personal information such as name, contact no and address
  • Finish the payment procedure and leave the rest to us.

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