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Tyres are one of the most important parts of a car. They are responsible for providing, what is known as the basic utility of a car, mobility. They are also responsible for providing you with a smooth comfortable drive. Without them, you can only imagine the drive you’re going to have on metal wheels of your car.

However, their importance doesn’t get them the care tyres deserve. They are also one of the most ignored parts of the car, that are rarely inspected and taken care of. We, at BR Car Care Centre, can help you not make this mistake and achieve the full potential of your car.

Debica Tyres

Debica tyres are known to have dealt with this issue as well. They manufacture excellent quality tyres, which can last for a long time, even when you provide them with a few checks once in a while.

The construction of the company began in 1937, two years after which they manufactured their first tyre. The company has, since then, never stopped developing and delivering quality products to its customers. The year 1995 marked the biggest turning point for the company when the global giant Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company bought the shares of the company. The two companies have worked together to develop best-in-class products for their customers, ever since.

We, at BR Car Care Centre, aim to provide the best quality products to our customers at a better price than any other garage in Birmingham.

Why Us?

BR Car Care Centre prioritises its customers above everything else and does everything it needs to do so. We have worked on all of our aspects to deliver the best services you can avail in Birmingham.

Experts at Work

We have some of the most proficient technicians of the city, at our garage, who are widely known for their efficiency and work quality. We provide them with any training they need to increase and improve their skill-set, furthermore. This not only improves the work quality of our garage but also helps them become better technicians.

Efficient Equipment

We have installed the latest pieces of equipment at our garage to ensure efficient and accurate work delivery. We have trained our technicians to be comfortable with the machine and deliver best-in-class services.

Top-Notch Products

We have the latest products manufactured by leading manufacturers at our garage. We have a wide collection of the latest products manufactured by Debica Tyres. We want to make sure that our customers achieve the best performance abilities of their cars while they are safe inside it as well.



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