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Accidents and rusting are two of the biggest enemies of any vehicle. Not only they disturb the normal functioning of your car but also disrupts the shining paint and structural integrity of your vehicle as well. In such scenarios, it becomes quite difficult to find an easy and trustworthy solution for repairing this damage in the car’s bodywork. However, the automobile industry keeps coming up with new and innovative methods to solve your problems. Therefore, it’s time, you learn about a wonderful car repair procedure known as welding.

Whether you own a small hatchback or a premium crossover, our experts, at BR Car Care Centre can weld your vehicle’s bodywork in just a few minutes. In case, you don’t know much about the concept of welding and how does it benefit your vehicle, allow us to make you aware of this fantastic and wonderful repair service.

What is a welding service?

Welding service is a bit different from your regular repair procedures. While the other repair services work to repair any broken components inside your car, welding does the opposite by repairing and shaping any broken or cracked parts of your vehicle’s exterior. This process is performed at our garage by a team of highly-trained mechanics that have relevant experience in this field.

In general, the welding Birmingham service includes repairing your car’s broken chassis, damaged muffler or an improper oil pan with rust.

However, the journey of welding your car does not end so easily. The automobile industry covers for different types of welding services. Being a car owner, you must become aware of these welding services offered at our garage.

Different types of welding service at our garage

Tungsten Inert Gas welding: This is the most common type of welding that is performed at numerous auto-garages. It involves creating a specific charge and powering up the welding arc to cover for gaps and cracks in your car’s body with the help of a filler metal sheet. Moreover, it also involves producing a protective welding gas to stabilise the welding arc and join the cracked parts in an appropriate manner.

Gas metal arc welding: This type of welding service is a bit different from the Tungsten Inert gas welding. As the name suggests, gas metal arc welding uses a protective gas like tungsten variant to stabilise the welding arc. However, the difference lies in the filler material. While the Tungsten welding uses a filler metal sheet to weld the broken parts of your car, metal arc welding uses a filler metal wire that is provided straight from the metal gas arc welding machine.

Being a car owner, it is quite possible that you already know the reasons for your car to get a welding service. Any accidents or sudden damages are the biggest reasons for your car’s bodywork to get damaged and, in turn, require a welding service to retain its original shape. 

An accessible place for getting the best welding service in the UK

If you are looking for an accessible place for getting the best welding service in the UK, give us, at BR Car Care Centre,a chance to serve you. You can easily book your service by emailing to us, at brcarcarebirmingham@gmail.com.

Our operating hours are from 08:00am to 06:00pm and 09:00am to 06:00pm on Saturdays.

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