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wheel alignment

Tyres and wheels are the two most basic elements of a car that helps it to provide you with maximum comfort and safety on the road. A majority of customers give importance to their tyres but forget about maintaining their wheels. Although tyres play a vital role in delivering safe, precision and luxury, you can never achieve your desired results if your wheels are not in proper condition. One of the most common problems associated with wheels is- wheel alignment. A misaligned set of wheels can cause various problems with your car like loss of control and uneven tyre damage.

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However, it is not necessary that you know everything about the wheel alignment procedure. Therefore, we are here to help you solve your queries. Just look down below and make your self aware of the various factors and the concept associated with wheel alignment procedure.

What is a wheel alignment process?

Wheel alignment is an expert service procedure that works to align the angles of your wheels in adequate proportion to the axle. This process is performed by trained technicians. Mechanics work to correct your car’s suspension angles- camber, caster and toe that are responsible for providing you with a smooth suspension and accurate control over the vehicle.

Furthermore, the wheel alignment Birmingham process comes in different types depending on your car’s suspension. For instance, most of the front-wheel-drive cars require only a front end alignment that adjusts the angles of their front wheels. Similarly, a four-wheel alignment works for four-wheel drive cars that adjust all the four wheels into proportion.

However, being a responsible car owner, you should get to the root cause of your alignment issues. Below mentioned are the reasons that lead your car’s wheels to lose their alignment.

Reasons for misalignment in wheels

Modifications to the car: A lot of customers like to modify their car, in order to increase performance. However, some modifications like increasing the height of the vehicle can lead your suspension to lose its angles as it is designed to work with the original height of the car.

Sudden and heavy impacts: It is quite common to encounter a pothole or a kerb on the road. However, these objects and situations can lead your wheels to incorporate damages and get misaligned.

Vehicle’s age: Over time, your car’s components such as clutch, brake and suspension spring become old and more prone to damage. Moreover, the suspension springs can also lead the angles of your wheels to lose their adjustment and cause misalignment.

Now that you are aware of the reasons that lead your wheels to get misaligned, you should also know the after-effects of driving a car with misaligned wheels as it is a matter of your safety.

Risks of driving a car with misaligned wheels

  • Untreated suspension for a long time can lead you to incur expensive repairs
  • Potential risk of the damage to spread to other parts of the car
  • A big reason for failing the MOT test
  • Reduces the life of tyres and causes uneven wearing

A reliable solution

If you are looking for a reliable solution to your wheel’s alignment issues, give us, at BR Car Care Centre, a chance to help you. Just book an appointment by emailing to us, at brcarcarebirmingham@gmail.com.

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