Wheel Painting

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Today, a vehicle is not just a mode of transport; it has become a status symbol as well. Motorists spend thousands of pounds on enhancing the aesthetics of their cars. From the body of the vehicle to the roaring engine, every one wants a little extra. One such component that is much customised by the motorists is the wheel. At BR Car Care Centre, we carry out appealing wheel painting Birmingham that will make the whole locality jealous.

Wheel painting is a great way to grab the attention of each bystander nearby. We offer perfect shades of wheel border colours that will make sure your vehicle stand out from the crowd each time you leave your home.

What is wheel border painting?

Alloy wheels are astounding to look at. But the visuals get bland, once the vehicle has been excessively modified. To add exciting factors to their beauty, these customised wheels are provided with colour shades. We offer an extensive range of colour options to choose from.

What should be considered before wheel painting?

Not all of the wheels can be given a shade of the desired choice. Steel wheels can’t be painted at all. Therefore to help you out with the aspects that must be considered before wheel painting, we offer the following points:

  • The car should be installed with custom alloy wheels
  • Layering of the powder coating should be done
  • The car should not be installed with steel wheels
  • Powder coat should be water-resistant and should not run-off with the water

When you come to us, our team will examine your wheels and come up with the best colour shades for you wheels. We will also analyse the wheels for their retention capabilities for genuine results.

What are the benefits of getting wheels painted?

Coating the wheels not only enhances the look of the wheel, but also offer numerous advantages as well. Let us list some of them:

  • Provides a rust-resistant layer to the wheels
  • Wheels’ life extend some more years from standard
  • You can choose from a number of options to suit your wheels the best
  • Custom rims can suffer harsher damages
  • Provides excellent shine to the wheels

Our experts, at BR Car Care Centre, take extra care while providing highly efficient and beautiful wheel painting Birmingham. We employ highly advanced technology to impart the best shine to the wheels.

You can visit us on Mondays to Fridays between 8 AM to 6 PM and on Saturdays between 9 AM to 6 PM. You can also book an online appointment with us, and directly drive your vehicle to our garage for the service. You can email us your feedback at brcarcarebirmingham@gmail.com. Your feedback is valuable to us. It helps us become better with our services.

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