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Driving a car in harsh winter conditions is no less than a bliss for many people, especially, if you don’t maintain your vehicle up to the standards of cold atmospheres. Whether you own a small hatchback or a premium sports car, all of them require adequate winter support to provide you with comfortable and luxurious driving experiences. While winterising your car battery is a good option, you should also focus on buying a premium set of winter tyres Birmingham from a leading brand in the industry.

We, at BR Car Care Centre, host a fantastic collection of some of the best premium tyres in the industry. Our garage is associated with different brands like Bridgestone, Pirelli, Michelin and Dunlop. All of these brands have made quite a name for themselves in the manufacturing industry for providing its customers with top-notch tyres in the summer, winter and all-season category.

In case, you are unaware of the abilities of winter tyres, we are here to help you solve your queries regarding the concept of winter tyres.

What are winter tyres?

Winter tyres are a special category of tyres that belong to the seasonal category of the tyre market. As the name suggests, these tyres are used for achieving increased traction and gripping on snowy, icy and wet road surfaces. Moreover, they also feature sipes with huge gaps that facilitate a quick water evacuation and, in turn, prevent the effect of hydroplaning. Also, they come with a unique tread pattern that works to shorten your car’s braking distances on slippery surfaces.

However, making a decision based on some perks is not always sufficient. Therefore, we have mentioned-below, some of the best winter tyres Birmingham in the industry that you can bag from our garage.

Some of the best winter tyres sold at our garage

Pirelli Cinturato Winter

An effective and brilliant winter tyre by Pirelli, Cinturato Winter is known for its performance in extreme chilling temperatures and optimal traction on wet and icy roads. Moreover, it also comes with Pirelli’s special tread design that facilitates for shorter braking distances and increased mobility.

If by any chance, you are wondering about some more precise features of Pirelli Cinturato Winter, give us a chance to present them before you.

Some brilliant features of Pirelli Cinturato Winter

  • A square footprint area to facilitate safe braking and handling on dry roads
  • Excellent flexibility and traction on snowy roads, all thanks to its multi-active 4D sipes
  • Water acceleration sipe design to fight effectively against hydroplaning

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2

Blizzak DM-V2 is an ultra-performance winter tyre by Bridgestone that works to enhance your safety and comfort on roads laden with snow and ice. Moreover, it also features a directional tread design to help you increase your car’s mobility and stability on wet roads.

If you are excited to know more about the wonders performed by this winter tyre, look down below and acquaint yourself with its advantages.

Advantages of buying Blizzak DM-V2

  • New-gen multi-cell compound to help remove water and prevent skidding and slipping
  • Enhanced manoeuvrability and handling, all thanks to its advanced micro-texture pattern
  • Optimised contact patch to provide for a smooth driving experience.

If you wish to buy these tyres online, try our services, at BR Car Care Centre, and get your favourite tyre delivered at home.

Steps to get your favourite tyre delivered at your residence

  • Type your tyre’s size and dimensions in our tyre finder
  • Add your desired tyre to the basket
  • Enter your delivery information like name, contact no, and address
  • Complete the payment and leave the rest to our staff.

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